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cgsMediaZ is UAE’s leading 3D company in 3D VFX, Virtual Reality, 3D series, Hologram with over than 20 years of 3D experience based on European standards.

  • * 3D Animation
  • * 3D Series
  • * Realistic Visual effects VFX for films
  • * 5D screens
  • * Virtual Reality
  • * Augmented Reality
  • * Hologram
  • * 3D Real time

20 years of European Expertise in 3D

Garfield This orange cat with black
stripes is an uninhibited hero today. He is lazy, selfish and very clever: a beast of entertainment and comedy.
Season 3
Tunis 2050 2050 is a series that gives a futuristic vision of the daily life of the Mediterranean citizen in 2050. Bali Bali is an informative series which aims to familiarize young children with sign language! Zou ZOU is an animation series of the daily life of a zebra family : curiosity, love and imagination.

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